Standard Breakout Module


Standard Breakout Module

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This I/O Breakout Module is designed for use with the HuMoTech Harness or other third-party end-effectors.

Modules must be calibrated using a designated load cell, and can be calibrated by HuMoTech or by the customer.

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System Dimensions

  • Width 1.3"

  • Depth 4.33"

  • Height 4.72"

System Contents

  • 1x I/O Module

  • 1x 1' DB9 Cable

  • 1x M12-5 A Coded Shielded Cable


  • Mount the module to the DIN rail next to one of the end effector inputs using the Spring loaded DIN Rail Attachment

  • Plug the M12 cable into the selected End effector input and connect the DB9 Quadrature input to one of the DB9 Quadrature Inputs on the IO Unit


  • 1x DB15 Female

  • 1x M12 Male

  • 1x DB9 Male

Voltage Amplifier for Strain gage/Load Cell

Each module contains a Futek Signal conditioning voltage amplifier (FUTEK IAA100). The amplifier is supplied 24V and gnd from the M12 connector and sends sends out an analog signal via the same connector. The signal conditioner converts the 24V to a set voltage (either 10V or 5V depending on the application). E+ and E- are the regulated input voltage from the voltage amplifier and gnd supplied to the load cell/strain gauge circuit. The S+ and S- are the reference signals used to determine the amount of strain in the sensor. When setting up the sensor ensure that the shield is either connected to E- or the cable shield in order to avoid unintended capacitive coupling.