Human Motion Technologies builds highly dynamic robotic exoskeletons and prostheses with futuristic levels of performance. We achieve a surprising combination of low weight, high torque, and fast mechanical response by re-positioning heavy robotics components such as motors, batteries, and computers away from fast-moving limbs to a backpack or offboard rack to minimize the effect of this mass on the user. We transmit power remotely through a flexible mechanical transmission and the result is a featherlight assistive device with explosive power and exceptional versatility.

Click the tabs above to explore our current offerings. Robotic ankle prostheses and exoskeletons are currently available to R&D labs. We also believe in the applicability of this technology far beyond research and development. Every individual on earth stands to benefit from assistive devices and we are imagining new ways every day. Our main focus at the moment is on a clinical tool to aid in the prescription of prosthetic limbs; click the link above to learn more.