What if you could streamline prescribing, improve patient outcomes, facilitate billing and reimbursement, and reduce healthcare costs at the same time?

That’s the goal we all share.

There are so many options for protheses, yet the classic problem—how to determine which device is best for a given patient—remains. At Humotech, we believe we’re closing in on a solution.

If you’re a clinician working with lower-limb amputees, you assess, prescribe, and order the device. When it arrives, the patient tries it out. If fit and function aren’t the match you and the patient had hoped for, you modify to the extent you can, return components if you have to, order different parts or a different device altogether, and try again. It’s time-consuming for you and your staff, and there’s pressure from payors to prove medical necessity.

If you’re on the billing and reimbursement side, you’re faced with the daunting task of verifying and processing claims with little hard data to support decisions—a problem sometimes compounded by conflicting subjective reports. The system itself seems set up to pit the cost of care against patients’ needs, which doesn’t seem fair or right. The sheer number of devices increases the challenges for everyone.

At Humotech, we’re developing an evaluation tool, currently in clinical trials, to overcome these challenges. The tool uses a lightweight, programmable foot attached to the patient’s prescribed socket interface and a computer. The computer makes the foot mimic different prostheses, so the patient experiences the physical sensation of wearing different devices without having to wait for the manufacture and fitting of each one.

This approach will provide the data clinicians need to match the most appropriate prosthetic device to each patient, quickly and confidently. The data will also inform billing and reimbursement decisions, providing the evidence that payors need to confirm that a particular device is the right one for the patient.

By delivering reliable, personalized data that predict how specific patients may be affected by different devices, the evaluation tool will lead to better-informed decisions, improved patient outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.

The Humotech evaluation tool is available only in research settings now. Our goal is to have an extensive database that allows medical professionals to try out any available prosthetic device, leading to better results for everyone. We’re developing evaluation tools for other assistive devices such as ankle-foot orthotics, too.

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