What if you could test drive prosthetic feet to quickly identify your best options?

Today, finding the best prosthetic foot is like buying shoes in a shop where everything is special order, there aren’t any samples to try on, and you’re limited to buying one style in one size at a time.

At Humotech, we want to help each patient quickly find the device best suited for them. No “order one and see if it works,” send it back if it doesn’t, and try again. Our evaluation tool, currently in clinical trials, will allow patients to “test drive” prosthetic feet. It uses a lightweight, programmable foot attached to your own socket and a computer.

The computer makes the foot mimic different types of prostheses, giving you the physical sensation of wearing different devices without having to wait for the manufacture and fitting of each one. You and your clinician will be able to make the right decision, right away. The data will reassure insurance companies that a particular device is the right one, too.

The Humotech evaluation tool is available only in research settings now. Our goal is to have an extensive database that allows clinicians and patients to try out any available prosthetic device, leading to better results for you. We’re developing evaluation tools for other assistive devices such as ankle—foot orthotics, too.

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